Private Lessons

Teaching Philosophy

I studied under the Suzuki Method both as a student and as a teacher. My belief is that skill, talent, or ability can be taught through creative, student-specific, and positive experiences. Progress through hard work is cultivated with small steps of mastery, encouraging the student to take progressively more difficult steps. 

I teach students as young as 3 (potty-trained) up through any age adult. Beginners of any age are welcome. For my youngest students, I use the Suzuki approach. The student will: 

  • learn to play music by ear before they learn to read, similar to how we learn our native language
  • guided by the teacher at the lesson and by the parent as coach at home (I will teach you - no worries!)
  • be nurtured with praise when they do well and receive new creative approaches when they don't understand

This method requires a fair bit of energy on the part of the parent and there will be struggles, but I've seen relationships between children and their parents strengthen as they overcome difficulties in music and familial interactions together. I will offer assistance to both of you in creating habits, practicing and learning how to persevere through tough spots. Follow this link to learn more specifics about the Suzuki approach. Currently I only offer one group class for pre-twinklers through Perpetual Motion and a fiddle club for those who have completed Book 1. All youth students are expected to participate in 2-3 recitals or performing opportunities per year.

Not all teachers will take on adults, but I will! I've come to understand that adults have unique learning difficulties to overcome. We have already spent much of our lives figuring out how we learn best that we're convinced there's no other way to learn.. The truth is that our brains have learned how to take shortcuts and it is painful to veer from those and forge new paths. New skill development requires the same daily practice you suffered through as a child learning to walk and talk. Be patient and kind to yourself and we will achieve your goals together. 

I teach Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 6441 Enterprise Lane in west Madison, and on Thursdays at my home in Stoughton. See the documents below for specifics on policies and performance dates. Contact me by clicking the button to the right about signing up for lessons or being placed on a waiting list.

Availabilities as of 2/11/2019:

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