Photo by Frank Sommers

Not your typical violin teacher!

 I live in the Madison, Wisconsin area and I teach beginning to intermediate level Classical violin and viola and beginning to advanced Irish fiddle. During my varied career, I have experimented with alternative styles as diverse as Bluegrass, Swedish folk, and Classic Rock and I'd love to share my knowledge with you about: 

  • writing tunes, harmonizing, and arranging
  • ear-training, transcribing, and sight-reading
  • playing in a group, understanding lead sheets, and using sound equipment
  • and more!

Emphasis on pedagogy

Pedagogy is the study of how to teach. Although Classical violin has a long tradition of tried-and-true techniques and teaching methodologies, many students of fiddle styles are not taught with student-oriented approaches. I have worked through many of the problems unique to various fiddle styles and applied pedagogical methods to bowing, ornamentation, musicality, etc. so that you will not be expected to just "pick it up."

Hands-on repair experience

I also spent several years working in a violin shop cleaning, repairing, and educating customers about their instruments. I can assist in changing strings, assessing repairs, and choosing quality instruments. If you're interested, we can even learn to set a sound post!

Come learn!

Private Lessons

Photo by Meredith Shelton

My locations include Stoughton and Fitchburg. I teach any age as long as they are potty-trained. Adults welcome!

Group Classes


I run two weekly group classes that creatively train students in performance skills. Come and play with new friends!



I can offer engaging short-term group classes at folk arts camps, Suzuki Institutes, school groups, and more!